How To Master English-Arabic-English Translation Course

How To Master ENAR Translation Course
A comprehensive training course on English-Arabic-English translation that consists of 10 weeks, each week features 2 workshops, each workshop lasts for 150 minutes.
– 2 face-to-face workshops every week (For Cairines Only)
[Friday & Tuesday 3:00-5:30 pm – Cairo Time]
– 2 online workshops every week (For Non-Cairines and Trainees from outside Egypt Only)
[Saturday & Wednesday 7:00-9:30 pm – Cairo Time]
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General Translation
35 Hammoudah Mahmoud Street, Off Ext. of Abbass Al-Aqqad Street, Nasr City, Cairo
The event starts on 22 June 2018 and ends on 30 August 2018.
How it works
Each time the trainees are given an assignment to do home (a page or so) by email (through a mailing list). All trainees are required to make a new professional email account before proceeding with the training.
In the workshop the trainer discusses the translation submitted by each trainee and then provides his own translation.
In online workshops the trainer shares his screen and all trainees can see it and interact with him in both oral and written forms.
For documentation purposes all workshops are recorded. No trainees appear in the video. Only their voices can be heard.
About the Trainer
The course is provided by Mr. Ashraf Amer, one of the most insightful Arab translators, who has an extensive training expertise.
– Editor-in-Chief of ‘Asrar Magazine’
– Author of ‘Translation Secrets Revealed: A guide for All Translators’
– Well-known Translation Instructor
– Senior General & Legal Translator and Proofreader (Under Const.)
Admission Test Fees: USD 10 (To be paid in advance)
Course Enrollment Fees: USD 250 (To be paid in advance)
[For Discounts see below, please!]
Discount Offers (*)
Discount for Attending Next Friday’s Event: 10%
Discount for Early Birds: 10% (Discount Offer Expires on 01 May 2018)
Discount for Undergraduates: 40% (Discount Offer Expires on 01 June 2018)
Discount for Tafahna El-Ashraaf Trainees: 50% (Discount Offer Expires on 01 June 2018)
(*) No person may enjoy more than two discounts at a time save the case where an early bird attends Next Friday’s Event.
Payment Methods
PayPal / Cash (At Obour Office)
Admission Test
The admission test will be conducted online in a private session with the trainee. The link to the session will be sent to his/her email.
Admission Test Fees
To be paid in advance via PayPal or Vodafone Cash
* Non-Student Trainees: USD 10.00 (Ten American Dollars) / LE 175 (One Hundred Seventy Five Egyptian Pounds)
* Student Trainees: USD 6.00 (Six American Dollars) / LE 100 (One Hundred Egyptian Pounds)
* Tafahna El-Ashraaf Trainees: USD 5.00 (Five American Dollars) / LE 85 (Eighty Five Egyptian Pounds)
Please, fill in the Registration Form.
For Enquiries
Mobile: (+2) 01008174723
(10:00 am – 6:00 pm Cairo Time)

شراء كتاب (أسرار عالم الترجمة)

هذا هو أحدث إصدار (سبتمبر 2019م) الجزء الأول من الكتاب – المؤلف: الأستاذ/ أشرف عامر – نوع الملف: PDF – حجم الملف: أقل من 28 ميجابايت – عدد الصفحات: 121 – ادفع عن طريق PayPal ثم وافنا بعنوان بريدك الإلكتروني لنرسل إليك نسختك الإلكترونية من الكتاب. – للتواصل (واتسآب): +2- 01008174723


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